Every Kids' Guide to Living Your Best Live. Building Social and Emotional Skills in Elementary-Age Children

Every Kid’s Guide provides children with the opportunity to learn social and emotional skills that create a foundation for resilience. This is an interactive book that creates a meaningful connection between the child and a caring adult. It is packed with activities that teach positive thinking, coping and other life skills necessary for personal and academic success.

Special Features: Builds adult-child connection, Fosters positive thinking, Empowers the child to make positive choices, Teaches positive self-talk Adult-Guided: Great  for  children to use with: Parents, foster parents, caregivers, youth associations, afterschool programs, mental health providers, school counselors, social workers, teachers, adult mentors...and more!

...teaches children how to ride the bumps of life and develop positive coping skills and self-esteem in the process. -Dr. Robert MacKenzie, Author/Family Therapist

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