Every Kid's Guide to Living Your Best Life Q & A

Q: Why did you write this book?
A: After the release of our first book, You and Your Military Hero, we were asked if we had a book that any child could use to build positive coping skills. We knew that all kids face real world stress and pressures and need the skills to deal with that. We created Every Kid’s Guide to meet that need.

Q: What does this book do?
A: Every Kid’s Guide teaches valuable social and emotional skills that create a foundation for resilience. It fosters the child’s positive thinking and provides the child with tools to feel better during difficult times. This book builds the adult-child connection as it incorporates continued skill practice to achieve mastery of these skills.

Q: How can this book help my child?
A: Every Kid’s Guide will help your child build skills that encourage self-confidence and resilience. We believe that confident kids are better equipped to handle challenges. This book also teaches how to problem solve, deal with changes, choose friends, deal with emotions and other issues that are common in children’s day-to-day lives.

Q: Does the adult need any special skills or training to guide the child through the activities?
A: No.  Similar to our first book, You and Your Military Hero, this book is also designed for any adult who has a trusting relationship with a child.   Any adult can follow the easy-to-use format.

Q: Can a child use this book without adult guidance?
A: Although the book is written in child-friendly language, the authors' intention is that this book be used as an adult-facilitated guide.