Reviews of

Every Kid's Guide To Living Your Best Life 


“Every Kid’s Guide to Living Your Best Life is a wonderful tool to help children build their resilience. It helps them develop their emotional intelligence as well as practical and effective coping strategies to deal with life’s obstacles. Every Kid’s Guide to Living Your Best Life tells children that it is okay to have emotions, that uncomfortable thoughts and feelings can be managed, and that challenges are opportunities that can offer life lessons. The best part of it is that children work in partnership with an adult. That adult-child connection is essential to producing the security children need to be able to absorb these valuable lessons!”
— Kenneth R. Ginsburg, MD, MS Ed, author of Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Kids Roots and Wings

“A down-to-earth and well-conceived approach to helping kids think positively and weather the inevitable storms in their lives. Recognizes the importance of two critical factors: a caring adult mentor and practice, practice, practice!”
— Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D., author of 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2–12

“I—like many—had some serious struggles and family challenges in my childhood and the skill sets and perspective that you teach in your books would have been an AMAZING support not only to me, but to the adults in my life who wanted to help but didn’t really know how. Just know that I’m sincerely grateful for your work and I can connect at a core level to how these empowering lessons will truly make a difference for little ones who may be hurting, confused or overwhelmed with their world. Thank you. Thank you.”
— With sincere gratitude, Nicolle T.

“It brings me great joy to recommend this book! I can only imagine the number of children whose lives will be forever improved by the wisdom contained within. And not just children with challenges, or in difficult situations, but every child. An invaluable resource for anyone who cares about children fulfilling their unlimited potential.”
— Karen Beaumont, New York Times bestselling children’s author of I Like Myself!, Being Friends, and many other award-winning children’s books

“Every Kid’s Guide to Living Your Best Life is a delightful book that will help children understand that they have the ability to control how they act and feel in virtually any situation. It contains a nice mixture of interactive stories, art work, and imagery to teach the basic tenets of cognitive-behavior therapy. Every Kid’s Guide to Living Your Best Life will help children flex their “emotional muscles.” Read it and enjoy!”
— Jerry Wilde, Ph.D., author of Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill Out: The Anger Management Book