You and Your Military Hero Q & A

Q: Why did you write this book?
A: We responded to a genuine need for a unique resource for military children.  In our own work with military children we struggled to find a resource to help these children in the positive, coping skill style that we find effective.

Q: What does this book do?
A: This book helps develop resiliency skills in children as they live through the challenging time of a loved one’s deployment. It provides learning opportunities for building positive coping skills in an easy, fun and systemized manner.  It is designed to be a personalized keepsake, created by the child and facilitated by the adult. This book helps adults guide the child to cope with their new world in a positive way.

Q: If my child is experiencing a lot of stress, can this book help?
A: This book is designed to help children deal with stress during the time of deployment.   It helps the child develop coping skills, explore feelings, encourage positive thinking, and keep a connection with a caring adult.  However, if stress is significantly interfering with the child’s daily life, a parent should consider therapeutic support from a licensed mental health practitioner.

Q: Your book mentions a STAR Hero, what is that?
A: We created the STAR acronym as a positive illustration of our military heroes.   STAR represents Someone To Always Remember and is a way of referring to all possible relationships the child may have with a loved one who is deployed (parent, sibling, friend, etc.)

Q: Does the adult need any special skills or training to guide the child through the activities?
A: No.  This book is designed for any adult who has a trusting relationship with a child who has a loved one deployed.   Any adult can follow the easy-to-use format.

Q: Can a child use this book without adult guidance?
A: Although the book is written in child-friendly language, the authors' intention is that this book be used as an adult-facilitated guide.